About Nevsah

Nevsah Fidan Karamehment is a teacher, best-selling author and successful entrepreneur.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Breathing Sciences, Nevsah is recognised globally as being the authority on dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits. Her posts include Vice President at the Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences and founding president of Breath Coaching Federation, and she’s also a member of the Breathing Sciences Faculty.

Her work has taken her all over the world, working with clients like HSBC, ING Bank, Pfizer and Vodafone, as well as well-known celebrities and professional athletes. She’s been interviewed on numerous radio and TV channels, such as the BBC (UK), CNBC (USA), CNN (USA), and FOX TV (USA), and also been featured in publications including TIME Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Hello! Magazine.

Nevsah’s mission is to create simple products and courses to get people live masterful lives, delivered through workshops, seminars, online courses and personal coaching.

Her vision is to build a Graduate School of Advanced Sciences for Self Mastery in London, helping thousands of teachers graduate from the school and transforming the lives of millions by getting them to live life masterfully.

To date, Nevsah has helped more than 40,000 people live better.

Are you ready to become a Next Level Human with Nevsah’s help?

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Be the person you always wanted to be and live the life you dreamt of!

Be the person you always wanted to be and live the life you dreamt of!



Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, etc.

Each course is professionally created with video presentations, videos, forms and booklets. Participants meet with the course leader for Mentoring Sessions every week during the 3/6/12 months period, depending on which course they are in and get 5/10 additional coaching sessions with our team. Our aim is to support to you throughout your learning journey and give the best quality service.


Joe Gandarillas

Chief Operating Officer, Michael Aiduss Interior Design

“The Miracle Course has had an incredible influence on my overall well-being.

Physically it helped me to identify my dysfunctional thinking and breathing habits and how my thoughts actually affect my life. I feel balanced, energized as well as more grounded.

Nevsah is an incredibly gifted teacher who delivers powerful self mastery tools and provides a safe space for growth and transformation.”


Melike Ayan

Bloomberg TV, New York

“She truly is the leader of the Golden Age…

With her support, I evaluated my life, and I realised that being and living in NY I am in a fast pace environment and learned to take a step back, evaluate my life, calm down, look where I am going, check my short and longterm goals and create my life the way I want it to be. Nevsah is a role model. Not only she is a spiritual leader, she is also the only person I know who combines science and real spiritual studies together, creating a powerful curriculum.

Her message is “let go and let God”, and through her courses and books, she gives us all of the tools to implement that. The universe is lucky to have her.. She truly is the leader of the Golden Age ..”


Julie Strong

Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher

“Just being in the room with Nevsah creates the opportunity for transformation.

She is that rare teacher that lives her Truth and by example opens the channel of High Consciousness for her students.”


Guillaume Bauwens

Entrepreneur, Personal Coach

“It was a miracle! I learned so much about myself, how my breathing can create my habits and

have consequences on my thoughts.

Now I feel more relaxed, more like myself and free to take action.

I also can express myself more freely. It was a big change for me! It was my dream for years to be able to do it!

Thank you so much.”


Jerry Hock

Publisher, Natural Awakenings

“Nevsah Institute Cirruculum combines the best of behavioral science, breath science, metaphysical teachings and simple wisdom. All teachings are unique and %100 effective.

Nevsah is a genuine soul that possesses a radiance that we seldom encounter in a person. There’s no doubt in my mind that she is one of the catalyst that has risen up to usher in the Love Renaissance. Say goodbye to your old reality and embrace the connection to your self-love and sustained joy. Nevsah Institute Cirruculum may very well be the conduit that gets you there.”


Nesko Elden

Wordpress Developer

“I have been hearing about Nevsah’s Breath workshops for a long time. As an integrative health
coach, I help individuals and organisations to improve their energies using many techniques and tools. All of them are effective however what Nevsah teaches is much simpler, easier and much more powerful and different from other modalities. During her workshops, I released all of the stuck emotions in my cellular memory, even from the time of my birth. It was intense and very rewarding. When I completed her Miracle Course, it felt like I was reborn to myself, full of joy and in connection with my spirit.”