This advanced course, prepared for people who are looking for a purpose in life and its deeper meanings, can only be participated by those who finished the Miracle Course. Regardless of your age or how advanced in your life, this course will enable you to rise up to the level of DESTINY which is the highest possibility of consciousness, to find the MISSION you’re born to fulfill, and to live your life with a great sense of contentment.


Thanks to the knowledge you’ll obtain and the methods you’ll practice, you will acquire a deep vision of yourself and your life; see that you have limitless power on your path with your destiny, knowledge, and experience; and become one with the Creator in the depth of your existence.


INTENTION / WISH / LUCK / FORTUNE / DESTINY – there’s a level where these are all ONE, and this course will carry you to that level. Then, you will embark on an adventure during which you’ll align with the purpose of your life, become the person you’re born to be and live the life you’re meant to live, and are rewarded both materially and spiritually!


You can have anything you want! However, to do this, you need to go down to the ESSENCE OF YOUR EXISTENCE, the womb, where “all wishes are born,” and to review your whole life. It’s necessary to attain the necessary level of consciousness to find and to see the SINGLE PURPOSE which is served by all your experiences from childhood. This is what that course is about.


We all have an ENDLESS POTENTIAL that cannot be perceived by our brains. This potential reveals itself ON THE PATH OF SELF-ACTUALIZATION known as SECRET. This course will teach you to be yourself on the deepest level; to never give up who you are for any purpose, person, or goal; to be ONE WITH THE THING THAT NEVER CHANGES in a world of constant change. And then, you will be truly unstoppable even by yourself!


“There’s a place where we live life in awe, are lost in our own existence, all the outside voices are silent, we only have our goals and dreams and the rest of reality is lost, and there’s no other reality than PURPOSE and MISSION. There’s a place where Michelangelo did his paintings, Mozart composed his music, and Einstein discovered the mass energy equation; where you completely forget your identity in the world, swim in the endless sea of existence, and know no bounds. I’m waiting for you there…”


Nevşah F. Karamehmet


Some of the topics included in this course:



Goals and values

Life goal

A different perspective on problems

Reward and punishment

Mastery in Life

Setting Goals



Staying at the level of gratitude