In this section, you will diagnose your dysfunctional breathing habits as well as their triggers, reasons, and benefits; work on your dysfunctional breathing habits with detailed breath analyses, breath coaching, coaching, morning exercises, intonation, body mapping, dyadic integration exercise, and forgiving exercise; and develop new and functional breathing and thinking habits. The section comprises many practices on levels of consciousness to help you become the master of your essence.





As most of us know, we have breathing and thinking habits we carry from the past that prevent us from living the life of our dreams and reaching our goals and that are embedded in our subconscious and cannot be eliminated without professional help.


The Breath Coaching Sessions are one of the most important systems that can eliminate these limiting breathing and thinking habits, and behaviors that sabotage us, and can transform negative emotions and thoughts.


Breath is one of the most prominent healing tools that’s been used for centuries. We all know that it has a miraculous healing power when used correctly and supported with scientific systems. Breathing sessions increase the level of oxygen in our cells, strengthen our immune system, make us more vigorous and healthier, and provide us with a clear, calm, and visionary mind and the ability to maintain our emotional balance.


In the course of a few months, you can become a breath coach –which has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey, been regarded by experts as the PROFESSION OF THE FUTURE, and is one of the holiest jobs in the world- by watching the presentation videos you can watch anytime you want, receiving weekly mentorship sessions from Nevşah for a year, submitting your homework and written exams whenever you’re ready, and taking your oral exams monitored by our team!


Uploaded on a professional digital training platform, Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Program yields more effective results from all other breath coaching trainings.


Some of the topics included in this course:

Dysfunctional Breathing Habits

Psychology of Breathing

Physiology of Breathing

Natural Breathing

Diaphragm Breathing

Chest Breathing

Hunger for Air

Healthy Breathing Habit

Breathing Session

ABC of Breathing Session



Shortness of Breath

Breath Analysis

Behavioral Science Perspective

Performative Breathing

Shallow Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Chest Breathing

Unbalanced Breathing

Reverse Breathing


Three Levels of Breathing

Setting Intentions

Behavioral Hypocapnia

Larynx Session

Body Mapping Method

Pressure Method

Working with Elderly, Pregnant Women, and Children

Illnesses and Breathing Habits

What Coaching Is and Is Not

What Mentorship Is and Is Not

Difference between Breath Coaching and Therapy

Fundamentals of Coaching

Coaching Perspective

Coaching Skills

Importance of Miracle Awareness

Larynx Session

Flower Coaching

Wheel of Life

Core Beliefs


Setting Values and Priorities

Professional Ethics and Rules

Global Movements and Popular Schools

What You Need to Pay Attention as A Coach


This training will teach you about:

  • The ABC of breathing and all the levels of a breath session such as activation and integration
  • Detailed breath analysis based on the fundamentals of Behavioral Sciences
  • Three levels of breath coaching sessions
  • Setting an intention before a session
  • What you need to pay attention during breathing sessions
  • Coaching methods and practices
  • Coaching skills and systems
  • Researches on Breath Sciences and their results