Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet is a graduate of Yıldız Technical University Department of Architecture. Following her short career as an architect, discovering the miracle of breathing right thanks to her Dutchman breathing coach she calls “her savior” which she met in İndia, she broke ground by becoming the first “Breathing Coach” of Turkey. In the “Mucize Kursu” (Miracle Course) she gives in the U.S.A., England and Turkey, she talks about the importance of breathing naturally. She is encouraging the participants to stop acting like a victim and instead of just waiting for their lives to change, to get into action and take control of it. She has nine books published on breathing. She is getting ready to publish her last book Nefs. Her new book, “Awakening” will be released in October in the U.S.A. Emphasizing that many ailments like migraines, gynecological diseases, and cancer can be prevented and even healed by breathing right Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet says, “Cells die wherever there’s no breath. Breathing heals cells, rejuvenates muscles and organs. It is possible to extend your lifespan by breathing right.”


I would like to start the interview by asking, “Are we breathing right?”

According to a research carried out, 8 out of 10 people have dysfunctional breathing habits. That is to say they have an acquired, wrong way of breathing. Even though people breathe right till they are 2, later, with the development of the ego, we distort breathing. To be able to cope with ambient conditions, we develop some defense mechanisms even when we are a baby. One of them is to hold our breath.


When do breathing problems come about and why?

There are hundreds of out of the ordinary circumstances triggering our breathing habits. Fear, anger, stress, exhaustion, sports, eating, travelling, meeting new people, doing homework, going to school, learning, questioning ourselves, getting on a plane or a car, resting, falling asleep ete.


What impact does breathing have on our lives?

It totally affects our psychology. How we think, what we feel, our behaviors, motivation, who we are, in short everything. Since each breath has an impact on our respiratory ehemistry, it also impacts our body significantly. There are hundreds of ailments listed in ali the breathing specialists’ books caused by hypocapnia experienced due to changes in our respiratory ehemistry (breathing abnormally rapidly and excessively) and hypercapnia (respiratory insufficiency).


Can you deseribe how to breathe right?

To be able to make the right deseription of that, we must first understand that breathing and respiration are two different systems. The respiratory system is an involuntary one that works as a reflex of the brain stem. We cannot intervene in that system. But we can interfere with our breathing. When we say breath, we are speaking more of a psychological situation. We learn to interfere with our breathing to change our mental State, to abstain from certain emotions, and suppress some of them in order to be able to keep our emotional State under control and for many other reasons. When we do that we actually impair the natural State of breathing and this may trigger, augment and make permanent more than 200 symptoms by affeeting our respiratory ehemistry. First, the person who learned to interfere with his breathing must reinstate that natural healthy breathing habit by disengaging and getting freed from this habit. This training session should be based on behavioral Sciences, requiring implementation of various exercises. Here’s when the breathing coaches come into play.


How do you teach it? What is the training process in the “Mucize Kursu” (Miracle Course) you have set up with this aim?

The course consists of a melding of various disciplines with transformational breathing training coming first and foremost. The content of the course was set out to trigger and bring forth the dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits of the participants and work on them in order to get them to take up new, healthy and natural habits. To this day, I must have worked with över 20 thousand people in person. However if we add the seminars, trainings and sessions up, I can easily say that I touched the lives of more than 100 thousand individuals. If people understand how important breathing is and what impact it has on our lives, and attending our courses change their breathing habits, their whole lives will change. 1 think these people are smart, open minded and highly perceptive. Those people who attend and finish my courses, listen and implement what I’m saying, and become breathing coaches, trainers themselves who lead their lives in health, abundance, success, happiness and love miraculously.


Can you analyze someone’s personality from the way he breathes?

Certainly. Our breathing has an impact on our psychology, as a whole. We can alter our mood by changing it. For instance, if someone wants to be solely a person of the heart, to love everyone, s/he can manage to do that by not taking abdominal breaths. Our abdominal area is the place we get into contact with the material world and our egos. If you do not take any abdominal breaths then the chances of you becoming someone who loves and embraces ali but cannot keep your feet firmly on the ground, and decisively move ahead in life inereases. You can also experience problems with your legs, genitalia and health problems in the areas of your body below the belt. Of course, quite the opposite is also true. Those who take breaths to their abdominal area, to the diaphragm turn out to be self-confident people who have their feet planted firmly in the ground, and forge ahead with strong steps, but if you take breathes to your heart area then you may experience problems in trusting people and forgiving. These people tend to have high blood pressure, heart and brain problems. Those taking excessive breaths to their diaphragms can experience problems such as attention deficit disorder, stress, prostration, problems with their brain, respiratory distress, MS, sudden mood swings and conditions of this şort.


Can we defend ourselves from becoming sick and relieve ourselves of stress?

However weil you may be fed, strive to think positive, if your bodily fluids’ PH rate is acidic or high in alkaline then you will, of course, be thinking and feeling negative and will not be able to override this. Hence, a natural breath, and the stable respiration as a result of natural breathing is something of a miracle. Your whole world changes. But you should abandon wrong breathing habits and give yourself only five days to develop a healthy and natural habit anew. By coming to the camp named “Mucize Kursu” and working on what is wrong, you can take up the natural breathing habits. 1 would like to give my life as an example. Even though I have quite a busy sehedule and am travelling ali the time, I have not even önce had a cold for the last 15 years. I do not recall even an instant when my mood was low and I was thinking negatively. My relationships with my family and friends are miraculous. I’m constantly developing spiritually, physically and mentally.