With Scientific research done globally, it is said and talked about how Dysfunctional breathing habits can cause so many issues within our health. Our body PH levels dictate our health, but I will share with you it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how frequently you detox, or even if you drink the most cleansing pH water.

Breath dictates our health and it is the chemistry of our respiratory system and our breathing habits that play the vital role of our everyday life. Having the wrong respiratory habits can demolish our respiratory chemistry. By the chemistry being broken down, our kidneys start to fail which has a huge role in our body as a buffer mechanism and can cause even kidney diseases where the underlying cause maybe wrong breath habits.

By having the wrong chemistry of the respiratory system, it can be being broken down by our breath habits which causes the oxyhaemoglobin levels in our blood to decrease. What does this mean? It means that there is not enough oxygen in cellular respiratory, which creates the lack of the main nutritional ingredient that is necessary for our cells to be alive, to live and to stay healthy.

There are more than 40 anaerobic diseases known today. With wrong breathing habits, this might be the reason behind many diseases as the core cause, while our oxygen levels drops in our blood and cellular respiratory cannot occur. If your body had less than 2 % of oxygen in your blood, it can be fatal! Even a neurologist would share the fatal effect of not carrying  enough oxygen in the blood which can then travel up to your brain…

Hypocapnia, which is the result of wrong breath habits, causes vasoconstriction. So, even if there is enough oxygen in the blood, there is a constriction in the brain vessels thus not only headaches, dizziness, memory loss, perception difficulties happen but many more follows.

Nevsah Karamehmet Breath Coach has as her focus optimal breathing for improving health and performance. She is a recognized authority who combines science and spirituality for physical, emotional, mental development and for enhancing psychological well-being. She is a pioneer in helping people learn functional breathing habits and a motivational speaker on the subject of consciousness and breathing. She teaches about staying in the ‘now’ through breathing, in her Miracle Courses.

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