Educational usage of Capnography is an important and necessary training for those who want to specialize in profession of breath coaching because it enables analysis to be done in accordance with respiratory physiology to work in concert with respiration.

We, as breath coaches and breath analysts cannot work without investigating the effects of breathing on respiratory chemistry. Because the way we breathe also affects our respiratory physiology any moment not only the way we feel and think. Breathing exercises without regarding to the respiratory system may fail for this reason and may pose a risk to our health.

Certificate Program of Educational Usage of Capnography trains breath coaches in:

(1) Analysis of the effects of breathing habits on health and performance based on behavioural sciences,

(2) Coaching clients for overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits that affect the physiology, psychology and performance with the basis of behavioural sciences,

(3) Educational Usage of Capnography and related devices (such as EMG, HRV) to overcome dysfunctional breathing habits of clients and to learn new habits

Course instructor is Nevsah F. Karamehmet who is the President of NFS Life School and Breath Coaching Federation and a member of Better Physiology Faculty.

May 21-22, 2018 11: 00-14: 00 to get information and register

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