Change your Dysfunctional Breathing Habits with Ms. Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet on March 16th-18th at the New Life Expo, 34th Street and 8th Avenue in NYC

NEVSAH will hold a series of workshops and lectures in New York City about changing your breathing and maximizing your health and life.


Ms. Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet (Nevsah), the Founding Director of IBCF (International Breath Coaching Federation) based in Miami, Florida announces her workshop and lecture series that will take place at the Wyndham Hotel New Yorker(34th street and 8th Avenue), between March 16th and 18th.

Nevsah ( has over 20 years of experience in breath coaching. She has been analyzing, testing, learning, researching, talking to doctors, trainers, clients for decades — and she scientifically concluded that each and every single person starts building a different dysfunctional habit at the age of 3. Dysfunctional habits somehow get triggered from many situations in life. Ultimately they can cause physical and psychological diseases.

“We have to learn to analyze the breath and figure out the dysfunctional breathing habits learned in our clients’ childhood,” said Nevsah. “And now coach them to learn a new healthy breathing habit. Practicing breathing techniques is nothing more than taking a pill when we feel bad or stressed or we have aches. It is not going down to the core of the problem and it will not heal the cause. We need to find the cause of the discomfort our clients have been experiencing and work on changing it. We cannot practice some technique that’s going to be useful only for a little while.”

Nevsah will be in New York between March 14 and 19 to teach her method so anyone can use it to get rid of the discomfort they are experiencing.

“Breath is not something to be worked on or manipulated or controlled,” Nevsah also indicated. “We can and should let the breath be as it is, and surrender to whatever is going on in our breath. Every manipulation, every technique, every ‘work’ we do with the breath leads to dysfunctional habits which are the real cause of many problems we are facing. We do not need breathing techniques, but we need to unlearn our dysfunctional breathing habits and learn new healthy habits in our everyday life. And that would be by working with a breath coach who can really, truly analyze the breath and identify dysfunctional habits, breath chemistry, psychology, behavior and physiology. WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR PERCEPTION OF WHAT BREATH IS.”

If you would you like to change your dysfunctional breathing to maximize your health, professional coaching lectures and mini breath sessions will be available to everyone at this three-day event.

This is an opportunity for people who are not familiar with breath coaching to learn about how they can maximize their life with a breath coach. Come and experience miracles during this process.

For more information about the event, or to make one on one or Group appointments, contact Melike Ayan at (212 ) 980 8090

About Nevsah (

Ms. Karamehmet is a distinguished and highly respected international leader in the field of breath coaching. She is the founder (2007) and the President of the NFS School of Life, and during her tenure with the School she has worked with more than 100,000 people in her seminars, workshops, professional meetings, and private sessions. In 2015, she founded the nonprofit International Breath Coaching Federation (an assembly of 9 foundations and their boards) and is currently their President. The Federation has worked with more than 100 organizations and trained more than 1,000 breath coaches from around the world. She has published 9 best-seller books and has earned many awards in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of breath coaching.

She has countless of awards in coaching, and she has done dozens of research on “How breathing effects our lives”. She just finished her tour in Europe and now she is in the U.S. with an additional agenda of workshops planned in April 2018. She will be speaking and doing workshops at the NewLife Expo ( in New York City, March 16-18, 2018.

About International Breath Coaching Federation:

International Breath Coaching Federation ( was founded by Nevsah F. Karamehmet in 2015. The mission of the Federation is to lead global advancement of breath coaching profession. Intl Breath Coaching Federation is one of the world’s largest organizations of professionally trained breath coaches, and IBCF confers instant credibility to its members. IBCF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the breath coaching profession by setting high standards, providing certification, and building a worldwide network of trained breath coaches.

IBCF works with behavioral science faculties for a 2 years degree program in Turkey, the U.S., UK and Europe.!


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