Nevsah on Stage

Awakening and Self Mastery Talks for people who want to grow and expand in all areas of life.

For nearly 25 years, Nevsah has helped more than 200,000 people with her live events, workshops and online courses. She has done 1-1 coaching with many high performers including CEO’s, A-list actors/actresses and celebrity athletes to help them master their crafts while achieving fulfilment in all areas of their lives. She wrote 11 books and has been featured on Forbes, Thrive Global, Marie Claire, InStyle and Elle Magazines.

Nevsah is one of the most powerful women you can ever experience on stage. The way she covers traditional topics with ”outside the box’’ point of views is absolutely amazing. Her approach on self mastery is very different than the male teachers out there. In a world saturated with male coaching practices, women need a different strategy to succeed. With her authentic signature style, Nevsah offers the female perspective on speaking and living your truth to attract everything you desire.

By combining her feminine power and nurturing energy with scientific tools and brilliant ideas, she has a magical, very authentic appearance on stage, which grabs listener’s attention right away. She creates transformational results in her events & talks on human behaviour, self-mastery, corporate leadership and relationships.

People have a chance to listen to a real Goddess on stage and learn from her experiences as a world renowned behavioural expert. Book Nevsah for your next event to make your audience experience an instant shift in their consciousness and awaken their true potential.

Book Nevsah For Your Next Event