This book is about awakening and staying awake. It is about acceptance and being a real human being. Many people think awakening is understanding that the world is not real. Actually, real awakening is being able to stay in the world, to be a real human being even if you remember that the world is not real in your consciousness. A new world opens up the moment a person understands that the world does not have a meaning and your mission is to make it mean something. This book is very enlightening, strong, and awakening, and it’s written in a very revolutionary approach. People meditate, do yoga, and do lots of exercises to get in tune with themselves, and yet they are still stressed, ill, and in panic in their daily lives. My book is about staying awake in your daily life—every day, every moment, and every situation.

The Power of Breath

This book is about how you can heal your mind and body through breathing.

There are lots of stories about people who healed themselves through conscious breathing and breath coaching. 

If you ever ask yourself ‘’why am I sick?’’ you will get your answer in this book.

If you want to be healthy, strong and happy, you have to work on your dysfunctional breathing habits that are holding you back from having these. 


The Secrets of the Golden Book

The information in this book has been said, written, remembered, forgotten and remembered again, for thousands of years. TRUTH is what every awakened mind gets into. And yet it is not easy to tell what you got. That is why book like THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN BOOK are very special. They are all special in their own ways. 

This book will not teach you to be a better person. It will be a portal for truth. You will eventually understand that the ‘’you’’ you call ‘’yourself’’ does not exist. It is nothing. And the I AM Presence exists forever. It is everything. You are not the universe, you are beyond the universe. You are not existence, you are much more than that, but it is impossible to be who you really are when you are still calling the self that has a body and brain ‘me’. 

This book will help you get rid of the ‘me’ you have been holding on to and connect you with your true identity.


Breath is a miracle. It is the power that connects us with life. From our first breath, till the last, we are connected with the whole universe through our breath.

But do we breathe correctly?

Do we know that we can only be healthy, energetic, full of energy with an open, positive mind only if we have a functional breathing habit? 

Do we know that there are more than 200 symptoms getting triggered because of dysfunctional breathing habits?

Nevsah takes you into a world of miracles, showing you the miraculous power of your own breath.

Through breath,

You can awaken, balance your energy, change the rhythm of your body, stay healthy, powerful, energetic, intelligent all ways and in all the ways!

Anyone interested in breathing or breath work has to read this revolutionary book!