Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life.


Nevsah Institute Breath Course will teach you about dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits, enable you to understand how they harm you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and show you how to analyse and change your habits in a detailed way.


This training is also the preliminary course for our participants who wish to move on with the Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Program.


The training includes presentation videos prepared for you to watch anytime you want and at your own speed in the comfort of your home of office and Nevşah’s weekly mentorship sessions for three months. These videos will teach you about dysfunctional breathing habits, about 200 symptoms that emerge and become permanent because of them, about ways to fix these symptoms, and about the meaning behind breathing habits and how they affect our lives. The weekly mentorship sessions comprise Q&A sessions via Zoom and live breathing sessions.


The practical aspect of the training teaches you to do a detailed breath analysis based on behavioural sciences since breathing habits are so personal. Thanks to these analyses, we diagnose our dysfunctional breathing habits that affect our psychology, mindset, performance, and physiology. Then, by looking at the triggers, past, and motivations of these habits, we learn what we need to do to acquire new, functional, and healthier breathing habits.


Some of the topics included in this course:

Dysfunctional Breathing Habits

Psychology of Breathing

Physiology of Breathing

Difference between Breathing and Respiration

Natural Breathing

Diaphragm Breathing

Chest Breathing

Hunger for Air

Healthy Breathing Habit

Breathing Session

ABC of Breathing Session

Shortness of Breath

Breath Analysis

Behavioural Science Perspective

Behavioural Hypocapnia

Personal Breathing Habits

Breath Awareness

Conscious Breathing

Limiting Thinking Habits

Power of Intention

Purpose of Life

Power of Being Goal-Oriented

Mind-Body Connection

Body Map

Free Expression


This course will help you

  • Understand the levels of breathing and develop breath awareness
  • Transform your dysfunctional breathing habits that affect your health and performance
  • Be healthier, more energetic, more vigorous, clearer, and calmer
  • Understand the difference between your goals and intentions and what you need to do to reach your goals
  • See how to live your life with your highest potential


The systems we learn and practice throughout the training are prepared by the Faculty of Breath Sciences and are the world’s most advanced systems that can be practiced for life and help us attain healthy breathing.